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Mark Sharman: Executive Producer

Born: In the year of Tiger Feet by Mud

Marital status: Happily married

Favourite Food: Crisps

Favourite Drink: Guinness

Favourite Music: Any Ear Bleeding Heavy Metal

Favourite Films: Star Wars, This is Spinal Tap, Chariots of Fire, The Goonies, Goodbye Mr Chips

Favourite TV programme: Early Doors or Bagpuss

Lives: Hertfordshire

Favourite Colour: Blue

Hero: John Bonham or Keith Moon

Ambition: To see Everton win the league again

Random Fact: I once stole Diana Ross’s shower cap from her bathroom.

Career to Date: Was a Z rated celebrity on the marvellous Radio City in Liverpool as producer of the breakfast show, Sport Producer for BBC Radio Five, Producer Bite Yer Legs.

Career Highlight: Winning Sony awards or having my photo on the side of a bus in Liverpool or unintentionally starting a near riot in Liverpool when an April Fool’s joke involving the now defunct group Steps went a bit wrong.

Things I’d put in Room 101: Drivers who don’t say thanks when you let them pass, people who wear their jumpers around their shoulders in a casual flouncy way, the tube when it’s dead hot.