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5 Live’s Ballot Box Brigade

5 Live’s Ballot Box Brigade

5 live’s Ballot Box Brigade was a unique programme where ordinary voters gave a real insight into the 2015 General Election.

Our select ‘brigade’ of listeners were tasked with recording their views during the campaign and passed judgement on the debates, interviews, policy announcements, and any gaffes that took place in the weeks running up to the election.

The programme was presented by Jenny Éclair, who said, “I love seeing how people react to politics and, of course, over the past few months none of us have been able to escape it with the build up to the General Election. MPs tend to love the sound of their own voices but now we’ve turned the tables and given listeners the chance to be vocal. Some of them could even give me a run for their money!”

Commissioning Editor of BBC Radio 5 live, Richard Maddock added: “5 live’s Ballot Box Brigade will provide an alternative view of the election campaign, focusing on it through the eyes and ears of our listeners. We wanted to hear about what people really thought of MPs and key election issues, from the serious to the ridiculous. Jenny’s sense of mischief and fun, combined with her own strong views, makes her the perfect host.”

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