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Benji B Show on BBC Radio 1

Benji B Show on BBC Radio 1

Tune in on Thursdays, 1am-4am

Benji B is emerging as a cutting edge curator of electronic music for a new generation. This is a show that has a devoted and passionate Radio 1/1Xtra audience that are thirsty for new releases, white labels and remixes of electronic music across multiple genres.

There is no doubt that the Benji B Show is all about the music. Benji’s passion and knowledge for the tracks that he plays, whether it’s house, dub, hip hop, disco or soul, is evident every time. Every playlist is painstakingly chosen over many late hours each week and then will change as the show plays, depending on the vibe Benji feels the show needs to take.

Of course, nowadays a radio show needs to be more than just about just a great selection of music played – the listeners also want to get what they can’t get on music streaming websites –  in depth interviews with their favourite artists. Benji has had a lot of great music talent through his studio this year, but in this demo we’ve chosen to include a few on-mainstream talents that you wouldn’t find on any other national radio show. DJ’s and producers like Scratcha DVA,  Syd Tha Kid and Marcellus Pitman. Benji lives and breathe the music that these people make and so is able to talk with a depth and insight that you don’t often hear in music radio.

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