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Something Understood on BBC Radio 4

Something Understood on BBC Radio 4

A fixture on Radio 4 since 1995, Something Understood takes on some of the larger questions of life. Each episode explores a spiritual or religious theme through music, prose and poetry. At TBI we are thrilled to have won the contract to produce 32 episodes of Something Understood a year for BBC Radio 4 from April 2016.

Our early episodes have included Rowan Williams examining recognitions and reunions in the context of the Easter narratives, and former Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks celebrating the experience of Joy. Award winning poet Michael Symmons Roberts has tackled subjects ranging from death and heresy, to grace and shadows. We’ve had a meditative exploration of the spiritual aspects of healing from academic Dr Sarah Goldingay and a thoughtful exploration of our obsession with self-image from priest Joanna Jepson.

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