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Crikey DM! coming soon to Radio 4…
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Sir David Jason pays tribute to the legendary Manchester animation house – Cosgrove Hall Films – behind children’s TV classics such as Danger Mouse, Jamie And The Magic Torch, and Wind In The Willows.

For 30 years, BAFTA and Emmy award-winning animation duo Brian Cosgrove and the late Mark Hall delighted children (and often adults) with their many memorable creations. Cosgrove Hall’s extensive back catalogue also includes Chorlton and The Wheelies, Cockleshell Bay, Roald Dahl’s The BFG, Engie Benjy and Kenny Everett’s animated space adventure Captain Kremmen, as well as animated lost episodes of Doctor Who.

In 1983, Cosgrove Hall Films’ Danger Mouse topped the TV ratings with 21 million viewers – beating even Coronation Street. Even to this day, the Bond-style secret agent/super-hero mouse holds the record for the highest-ever viewing for a British children’s television show.

Sir David, who was the voice of Danger Mouse, explores Cosgrove Hall’s triumphs as well as the tragedies that led this iconic company to close and its historic studios to be knocked down. Plus, he looks at the company’s legacy and influence on today’s British animation industry – and beyond. He uncovers the surprising music names that started their careers there, and shares never-heard-before behind-the-scenes stories that will delight fans, young and old.

There’s also a rare insight into its colourful working relationship with stars like Kenny Everett, as well as revealing the truth behind the rumours that Danger Mouse is set to make a comeback. As DM’s reluctant assistant Penfold would say, Crikey!

Presenter/ Sir David Jason, Producer/ Kellie Redmond for TBI Media

Crikey DM! is scheduled for broadcast on 12th October at 10:30am on BBC Radio 4 .