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JFK: Minute by Minute on BBC Radio 2
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Jeremy Vine, Dermot O’Leary, Louise Minchin and JFK experts take us through the events of the day minute by minute – taking us from Dallas to Washington and around the world as the news spreads.

In that time, Lee Harvey Oswald assassinates the President, leaves the Texas School Book Depository, shoots Officer Tippett, is arrested and his interrogation begins. JFK is taken to hospital, doctors unsuccessfully fight for his life and his body is taken onto Air Force One. In Washington J Edgar Hoover starts plotting the future; on a local Dallas TV station Abraham Zapruder is interviewed live and says that he has footage of the shooting, the TV anchor says they’ll get it processed as soon as possible.

The programme features a soundtrack of music created by a range of Radio 2 artists live in the studio, re-interpreting hits from November 1963, as well as the music present on the day of the shooting. These will range from the Texas songs sung to the President by a choir as he arrived in Dallas, to the song that was playing when the assassination was first announced to the world on Dallas radio station KLIF.