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Michael worked at the BBC for 23 years ending up as Head of Religion and Ethics from 2006-2009. He produced radio programmes across all BBC networks including the Sony Award-winning ‘The Dream’ for BBC Radio 1, several Sandford St Martin Awards and he established Radio 2’s long running ‘Faith In The World Week’. He worked as a producer and director on ‘Songs Of Praise’ for ten years before becoming Series Producer in 2001. His other TV credits include Co-Series Producer of BBC 1’s ‘Son of God’. He joined TBI in 2010 as Executive Producer for Pause for Thought, produced another series – Travellers Tales for Premier Radio and is now also Exec for Radio 4’s Something Understood. His other current work includes being Executive Associate in Public Education for the Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge and Director of Programmes for Coexist House. He is a founding member of the Religious Literacy Partnership. Michael lives in Cheshire with his wife and three children, plays bass for the Naked Covers and endures supporting Norwich City.