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Sam Hutt: Assistant Producer

About Sam:

Born: Coventry

Marital Status: Single

Favourite Food: Anything Mexican

Favourite Drink: Apple Juice

Favourite Music: In the words of my Dad, “dance music rubbish”.

Favourite Films: Any Rom-Coms

Favourite TV Programme: Match of the Day

Lives: South-West London

Hero: Steven Gerrard

Favourite Colour: Red

Ambition: To design/build my own home.

Random Fact: Once interview Harry Styles’ teenage band… after he’d left.

Career To Date: Mixture of commercial and BBC Radio and now working predominantly on TBI’s Radio 1 and 1Xtra strands and all things digital.

Career Highlight: Joining TBI of course.

Things I’d Put In Room 101:

Small talk, sea food and lifts.