"Having just moved house, this programme was a timely listen"

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A 3 part series following 3 people who, over six months, make some painful decisions about their possessions as they move house and start again somewhere smaller.


- 3 x 30minute programmes for BBC Radio 3


Decisions about what possessions to keep and what to throw away can be agonising, raising fundamental questions about their true value. BBC Radio 3 explored this, following three people over six months as they make some painful decisions, move house and start again somewhere smaller.

The stories of Pat, Mike and Nina are interspersed with those for whom the disposal and moving of belongings is how they make their living. We hear the detached comments of auctioneers, removal men and estate agents. The intention of "Belonging" is to make the listener lose themselves in the lives of the down-sizers, but also to make them think “what do I value most?”

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