Christmas: What The Fa-La-La-La-La?

"Hugest thanks to TBI Media for producing the socks off this. We had such fun making it"

Paul Kerensa, Host and Comedian


A new podcast for Audible dedicated to all things Christmas! Hosted by Grace Dent and Paul Kerensa, the series makes for a fun, fact-filled sleigh-ride through the history of our Crimbo traditions.


- 6 x 30 minute podcast episodes for Audible UK


Christmas is the world’s biggest festival, yet we barely understand how we got here. Somewhere between Jesus, Dickens and Coke, Christmas became the beloved chaotic present-fest that it currently is.

Just in time for the holidays, TBI Media produced a podcast series dedicated to uncovering the history behind our Christmas traditions.

Hosted by journalist Grace Dent, comedian Paul Kerensa and a house-full of special guests, this new series for Audible makes for a festive, fun and fact-filled sleigh-ride of a listen.

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