Excess All Areas: The Trials Of Rock ‘N Roll

"So glad Iain Lee is back"

- Listener


Ian Lee puts the biggest rock acts on trail for their 'pure excess'


1 x series for Absolute Radio


Welcome to a kangaroo court with a difference, where Iain Lee puts some of the biggest rock acts from across the decades on trial. The charge? Pure excess.

The likes of The Who, Oasis, Rolling Stones and Red Hot Chili Peppers all find themselves in the dock, while journalists, comedians, musicians and even the odd drug smuggler are called upon to declare just how much these bands pushed the lifestyle of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll to the limits. Told with a rich and highly-produced soundtrack, these programmes not only celebrate the lifestyles of those featured but examine how the music business as a whole has changed.

Whether it’s Howard Marks revealing that he could never beat the Happy Mondays’ Bez on a night out ‘getting wasted’, or comedian Andrew Maxwell imagining a distracted Robert Plant who, mid-orgy, calls his dad to find out whether Wolves have scored, these exclusive contributions provide witty but informative insight into popular culture’s best-loved characters.

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