Fight of the Century

"Love love love this! Outrageously good" - Listener


Using words, music, archive and drama, legendary rapper Nas tells the story of the ‘Fight of the Century - Ali v Frazier', an event that was much more than just boxing.


- 7 x 45 minute episodes
- 7 x social media video clip
- 1 x BBC Sounds playlist, curated by Nas


A 7 part docu-drama series about the Fight of the Century- Ali v Frazier.

Hip hop legend Nas takes you ringside, to the street and back in time to an event watched by over 300 million people that transcended sport and changed the world forever.

The series mixes narration from legendary rapper Nas, interviews with witnesses and experts, archive actuality and drama to take listeners through one of the most important fights of all time.

Incorporating music from the era, listeners will be transported to a time of great turmoil- America on the brink.

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