BBC Radio 1 Stories: DNA+

"Dev gets behind the acronyms and the jargon to understand more about his genetics"

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In a 3 part documentary series, Radio 1's Dev maps his genome to find out how it could make him rich, fit, and famous.


- 3 x 16 minute video episodes for the Radio 1 Stories series on BBC iPlayer


In the future, could the beauty industry edit your DNA to improve your looks? Can learning about your genome help you run like Usain Bolt? And how much is your DNA worth? Radio 1 presenter Dev is on a mission to find out.

Over 3 episodes, Dev dives into the world of genetics, having his own genome mapped and testing out the latest technology. Getting behind the jargon and the acronyms, he shows how the science of DNA could drastically change our relationship with beauty, fitness, and money.

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