Good Vibrations

"I really loved making this and learnt so much about a subject - I don’t think is talked about enough" -
Isy Suttie


In search of relaxation, comedian and actor Isy Suttie explores the world of sound therapy, trying out treatments and seeing the impact music can have on someone with dementia.


1 x 28 minute documentary


With an imminent book deadline, a tax return to complete and a hectic family life revolving around two young children, comedian and actor Isy Suttie is feeling stressed. Neither meditation nor massage has helped her relax, so she decides to explore sound therapy. Practitioners believe sound and music can be used to improve our physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

Isy meets Lyz Cooper, principal of the British Academy Of Sound Therapy and experiences treatments involving gongs and Himalayan singing bowls. She also attempts to chill out by listening to“the most relaxing piece of music in the world”. It’s a track called Weightless by Manchester band Marconi Union, one of whose members, Richard Talbot, explains why it’s so soothing.

Next Isy tries on some wearable tech that pumps vibrations directly into the body. It’s called vibroacoustic therapy and she likens it to “having a friendly, vibrating creature on my back.”

But the real mood-lifter is when she sits in as 85-year-old Gina, who has dementia, enjoys some music therapy. What might seem, on the face of it, to be a simple singalong to some old favourites has a remarkable effect on Gina - and on Isy too.

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