JFK: Minute by Minute

"These stories are better on radio - just concentrating on the spoken word make for a very powerful experience"

Bob Shennan, Controller at BBC Radio 2


A blow by blow account of a moment that changed history - including some heartbreaking testimonial from Jackie Kennedy


- 1 x 3hour live programme


Minute by Minute, a concept developed by TBI Media for BBC Radio 2, takes significant historical events and re-tells them live, minute by minute, allowing listeners to experience the story unfolding in real time, years after the event.

JFK: Minute by Minute"" marked the anniversairy of the assassination of the President, re-telling this extraordinary story.

Jeremy Vine, Dermot O’Leary, Louise Minchin and JFK experts guided listeners through the events of the day in real time, minute by minute, jumping around the world as the news spread.

The programme featured a soundtrack performed by a range of Radio 2 artists live in the studio, re-interpreting hits from November 1963, as well as the music that played a part in the day of the shooting. Tracks ranged from the Texan songs sung to the President by a choir as he arrived in Dallas, to the song that was playing when the assassination was first announced to the world on Dallas radio station KLIF.

Watch our highlights video here: https://vimeo.com/85709249

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