Mental Health Minute

"We’re really proud to be bringing radio together for a second year, encouraging everyone to support each other and harness the power of listening"

Siobhan Kenny, Chief Executive, Radiocentre


A one minute mental health radio short broadcast across over 400 stations, featuring high profile talent and HRH Prince William.


- 1 minute mental health radio short, featuring high-profile stars and broadcast across over 400 radio stations simultaneously


TBI Media joined forces with Radiocentre and HRH Prince William's Royal Foundation to produce a one minute message about mental health, broadcast across the UK on over 400 radio stations at once to 20 million listeners.

The short feature addressed the importance of talking about mental health, and how listening to people can make a profound difference. It featured a roster of high-profile stars, including HRH Prince William, Jameela Jamil, Katy Perry, Stephen Fry and Alesha Dixon.

The Mental Health Minute was broadcast to mark the start of Mental Health Awareness Week, and reached 20 million of listeners across the UK.

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