Modern Metamorphoses

"Smart, thoughtful and witty" - Dr Rachel Mann


Poet Michael Symmons Roberts hears how poets today are offering urgent new perspectives on Ovid’s great work, Metamorphosis.


- 3 x 30 minute episodes


In this bold three-part series, Michael Symmons Roberts examines the fascination poets have forever held with notions around metamorphosis and the body.

From Homer’s account of Circe’s transformation of men into swine and Ovid’s great classic Metamorphosis, the conceit has been picked up through the centuries by many of our greatest writers including Shakespeare, Kafka and Stevenson.

Over the course of the series, Michael examines how poets today are engaging with the theme of transformation, whether that is through re-imagining classical works from a feminist perspective or using it as a means to explore identity in the 21st Century. Some of the biggest and most interesting names in contemporary poetry shaer their thoughts - Jorie Graham, Michael Longley, Alice Oswald, Patience Agbabi, Fiona Benson, Will Harris, Andrew McMillan and more.

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