The Elbow Story

"This intimate insight into the band is a listen that’s not to be missed by any self respecting Elbow fan!"

Absolute Radio Listener


Geoff Lloyd from Absoloute radio presents a unqiue detailed account of the journey of Elbow.


- 1 x 60 minute show


TBI Media and Absoloute Radio worked along side Elbow to produce the 2010 Sony Award Nominated 'Elbow Story'. This was the first ever detailed account on radio of the remarkable story of Elbow, tracking their journey from the 6th form common room to Wembley Stadium fillers. One of those heartwarming stories of nice guys eventually getting what they deserve, the programme also explores the unique way in which the band create their sound. The inner workings of one of Britain’s best bands are laid bare as the band describe the recording process and note by note, layers of sound are turned into Mercury-winning songs before our very ears.

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