The Life and Death of a Smart Phone

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Adele Roberts follows the conception, birth, life and death of a device few people can live without - the smartphone.


- 1 x 60 minute documentary


Adele Roberts delves deep into the inner workings of our smartphones and the industry behind them.

She explores the design process, looking at how a great smartphone needs to be stylish and functional, but overall really useful; and also hears about the process of mining the materials that are used in the manufacturing process and the environmental impact of a device that many of us look to replace every couple of years.

We get to peak behind the curtain and hear about the intricate science and technology behind many of the apps that we all take for granted. And finally, when we decide to part with our once beloved device, is it re-homed, recycled, or just resting in a sock draw for the rest of eternity?

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