The Manuscript: A Foolproof Guide to Being A Modern Man

"Great to see The Manuscript nominated at the New York Radio Awards for best comedy"

Paul Sylvester, Content Director, Absolute Radio


A radio comedy series on Absolute Radio that explores how to be a gent in the 21st Century.


- 8 x 60 minute weekly radio shows and podcasts


Presented by Nick Hancock and sponsored by Just For Men, The Manuscript used the week’s events to pose questions about how a man should behave in the 21st Century. Guests included Andrew Maxwell, Jo Brand, Clive Anderson, James May, Milton Jones and many more. Each week, entries were made into the ever-growing Manuscript which listeners could see taking shape online.

The shows were recorded in front of an audience at Under The Bridge, a state-of-the-art venue underneath Chelsea FC.

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