The Power of Adventure

"I am sure my new heroes, the stars of the podcast, will invigorate you to place adventure in the heart of your imagination"

- Wilbur Smith, Author and Founder


Acclaimed adventurer and survival consultant Megan Hine delves into what the true spirit of adventure is, and encourages listeners to put that at the heart of their lives.


- 6 x 30 minute podcasts


Working with the Wilbur and Niso Smith foundation, TBI Media created a 6 part podcast series that celebrates all things adventure.

Hosted by acclaimed ‘adventurer’ and survival consultant, Megan Hine (Running Wild With Bear Grylls, Man Vs Wild), the series includes conversations with a range of exciting guests who too are known for their adventurous spirit.

Featuring Anna McNuff who ran the length of 100 marathons barefoot through Britain, Pip Stewart who survived a deadly flesh-eating parasite after kayaking the length of the Guyana River, Reza Pakravan, known for trekking West to East across Africa via the Sahel Desert, Paul ‘Mungo’ Mungeam, extreme cameraman, and Dwayne Fields, the first black Briton to walk to the North Pole.

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