The Power of Three

"Had me on the brink of tears for 20 minutes straight" - Listener


Cole Moreton presents a deeply personal series telling what it's like to have and be triplets as his children Ruby, Josh and Grace turn 18 and face living apart for the first time.


- 3 x 30 minute programmes for BBC Radio 4


Cole Moreton presents a deeply personal account of what it’s like to have and to be triplets, as his children Ruby, Josh and Grace turn 18 and prepare to leave home.

Cole and his wife Rachel tell the story of how they struggled to bring up the triplets, as well as a toddler, which left them at breaking point. We hear from experts and the experiences of other parents of triplets.

The series also examines how triplets can often think and feel differently to other children, facing challenges as they grow; school years can especially can be hard – retaining identity, and dealing with teachers and friends.

In an extraordinary encounter, the kids meet the IVF doctor who says he saw them first as cells pulsing in a set of petri dishes. Having been together since the womb, how will our three cope with living apart for the first time in their lives?

The Moreton family gather for a family holiday before Ruby starts a new job and Grace and Josh head to university. As the family finds ways of getting used to living apart, Grace and Josh are quarantined due to Covid-19.

Cole reflects on the future and the new challenges the family will face.

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