The Thought Chamber

"What a brilliant mind and a brilliant listen"

BBC Radio 4 listener


The Thought Chamber is a room devoid of all light and sound, where a guest is left alone and asked to vocalise their thought processes and reveal the inner workings of their mind.


- 5 x 15 minute short segments


TBI Media worked alongside BBC Radio 4 to create:The Thought Chamber. This was a room devoid of light and sound, where a guest is left on their own for up to an hour. During that time, they are asked to vocalise the thoughts that come into their head, resulting in a snapshot of the inner workings of their mind. In many ways, the results are much more revealing than a traditional interview, as no one can anticipate the subject matters or the direction of where the mind is going. We hear memories, fears, concerns, ambitions, insights, dreams, fantasies – as well as the day-to-day mundane problems that everyone faces.

Guests during the series include: award winning artist Grayson Perry; scientist and presenter of The Sky at Night, Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock; musician and drummer from Radiohead, Phillip Selway; writer Irvine Welsh and actor and national treasure June Brown.

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