The Walk: For Richer, For Poorer

"Best programme I've heard on radio for years..."



This documentary saw journalist, Cole Moreton, walk through the London Borough of Kensington to witness and experience real-life encounters between the wealthy and the destitute.


1 x 1-hour radio documentary


In the London Borough of Kensington, the incredibly wealthy and the destitute life side-by-side. This documentary is lead by journalist, Cole Moreton, who visited places ranging from food banks to multi-million pound homes, revealing the extent of inequality in London's richest borough.

TBI recorded this documentary using binaural microphones placed inside the sound recordist's ears. Binaural recording accurately recreates the sound of being in the location itself, with sounds appearing to move in three dimensions around the listener to create a more immersive experience.

To experience The Walk in this aural "3D", please listen with headphones.

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