TikTok: Virtual Summer Festival

"We couldn’t believe how much the idea developed during just 8 weeks and what an amazing event was produced at the end. The quality of production exceeded everyone's expectations"

Alexandra Harvey, Organisational Culture Manager, TikTok


TikTok’s first ever Virtual Festival which was live streamed to over 1,000 TikTok employees across Europe during the coronavirus lockdown


- 2.5 Hour Live Show, including a celebrity host, 5 live music acts and 8 TikTok Creators


The event took the format of a live two and a half hour television magazine show with a combination of live music performances from the UK’s hottest artists (Aitch, RAYE, GRACEY, Wild Youth and 220 kid), pre recorded content from the EU’s best TikTok creators and live Q&As with our amazing host Clara Amfo.

The event was streamed through an interactive bespoke platform, powered by Eventcube, created to ensure the employees had an unforgettable experience and they were still able to communicate and feel connected with their fellow team mates across Europe.

The TikTok Virtual Festival was a resounding success and marks an important moment in the evolution of live event streaming.

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