Virtues of Vulnerability

"Can't put into words how beautiful this hour is! We're all just humans. All just trying our best"

Scarlett Curtis, Activist


Ed Balls on how notable public figures have dealt with their vulnerabilities and explored the value of sharing weakness


1 X 57-minute radio documentary


As a politician, Ed Balls was accustomed to hiding personal vulnerabilities and attempting to maintain a strong public image. But talking publicly about his stammer showed him that there's strength in exposing your weaknesses.

Throughout this one hour radio documentary, the discussion centres around the vulnerabilities that public figures from a range of fields have faced and how they've each dealt with those challenges.

Throughout the programme, Ed Balls speaks to Michael Palin, Facebook's Nicola Mendelsohn, one of the most powerful women in tech; politician Paula Sherriff, Paralympian and Strictly Come Dancing star Will Bayley, journalist Nick Robinson, and writer and activist Scarlett Curtis.

Ed also revisited his past interviews, talking about his own vulnerabilities and shared the virtues of showing your vulnerable side.

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