Zeppelin Symphonic

"It's a privilege to bring the music of this legendary band to iconic stages across Europe"

Andrew Wyke, Director of Events, TBI Media


What began as a one-off live show celebrating Led Zepplin has developed into a Europe tour starting in spring 2020.

14 May – Prague
15 May – Bratislava
16 May – Brno
18 May – Lodz
20 May – Gliwice

9 Sept – Gatineau
10 Sept – Sherbrooke
12 Sept – Montreal
14 Sept – Trois-Rivières
15 Sept – Quebec


1 x live concert


A rock and symphonic spectacular celebrating the biggest rock band in the world and featuring international stars, rock musicians and symphony orchestra.

Experience the music of Led Zeppelin on an epic symphonic scale with international vocal stars Jesse Smith, Mollie Marriott and Peter Eldridge. Featuring legendary guitarist Andy G Jones.

Since its premiere in 2019, Led Zeppelin Symphonic has already been in huge demand around the world and has so far played in Greece, Armenia, Israel, France and the UK – with more dates held for 2023 and beyond. Featuring the song that gave birth to the concept: Kashmir, plus a string of huge hits including: Good Times Bad Times, Black Dog, Whole Lotta Love, Rock and Roll, Ramble On and the unmissable Stairway To Heaven.

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